[Album Review] Coney Hatch | Outa Hand

It is OK for me to say how the cover of Outa Hand leaves me feeling uncomfortable? I mean, it makes my teeth hurt just looking at it.

Regardless, the ’80s ‘pop art’ image reflects the band’s slight shift towards a contemporary sound. There is no producer credited this time, but Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth) is the engineer behind the board. The result is a band moving further away from AC/DC-like rawness and cozying up to a slightly more processed Loverboy-like sound.

Hey, Loverboy was cranking out AOR hits at the time, so I can hardly blame them.


Don’t Say Make Me – A
The hardest rocking song on the album makes for a strong opener.

Fallen Angel– A+
Andy freely admits to using Golden Earing’s Radar Love as inspiration and I think they may have surpassed it. Especially with that solo from Steve Shelski.

First Time For Everything – A-
I’m usually not a fan of slower songs but I like the drive here. It is similar to a Judas Preist mid-tempo song and it should have been a bigger hit.

Love Games – B+
I like the bridge in the middle better than the buildup to it. Still, a good tune.

Music Of The Night – A-
Andy’s rolling bass is close to Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell and fun to follow along with. It would have been a blast to hear Dio cover this.


Shake It – A-
A song about video games! While listening to this I can see myself playing Pac-Man in a sleazy downtown arcade shaking my stick… hey, wait a minute…

Some Like It Hot – A+
This is my favourite Hatch tune sung by Andy. The riff, the lyrics, the solo… everything about this song is just fun.

To Feel The Feeling Again – B+
I respect how this band could get through a power ballad without becoming overly sappy like Poison.

Too Far Gone – B+
I like the second half of this song better than the first with its Angus Young-inspired guitar licks. Good enough to go out on.


Outa Hand isn’t as much of a knockout to me as their debut is, but it is still a solid hard rock album. There are several classic tunes here and the weaker tracks do not grind the album to a halt. It is a very enjoyable listen overall that allows them to skirt past any hint of a sophomore jinx.



Unlatch more Hatch:

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12 thoughts on “[Album Review] Coney Hatch | Outa Hand

  1. Slightly processed Loverboy sound? You eating gummies when writing this Lol.. I get it as it’s more polished than the debut but the boys’s were going for it and the label dropped the ball on this one. Too Far Gone has Dixon inner channeling Lou Gramm on that one. I agree with your score now where did I put that Loverboy album? lol Solid album through and thorough. I’m enjoying this series …..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If you recall Andy told the story that there album came out the same day as Pyromania on the same label. So you know where the marketing money and promotion went too. Carl Dixon in his book says he get’s why the dollars went to Leppard as it was Pyromania…
        Funny enough were doing Loverboy on the next Retro show lol….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah, this is way better than DF, IMHO. But everyone seems to love those guys, so what do I know? I don’t mean the Loverboy comparison as an insult. I can just hear them going for that kind of hit. Both band have merit. I look forward to Loverboy’s battle with Kim. I have already listened to both, and there is a clear winner in my mind.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Na dude the Loverboy comparison was hilarious! Jex is the loose cannon on the show with his scores as I have no idea where he’s headed which is great!


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