About Me

a.k.a (Kevin)

The World Revolves Around Mars


I’m just a middle-aged man who is passionate about music. I started this blog to focus on Canadian Rock, Metal, and Blues.

My goal is to regularly review albums by Canadian Artists. I usually spend a week with the album before doing a write-up, so new posts will occur once every one or two weeks.

I’m also a thrifty person, so there won’t be too many reviews for new releases. Most of what I write about will be albums I already have or purchased at thrift stores. But, I am a fan of discounted pre-orders, so the odd review for a scorching hot new release might sneak in.

Other Mars Projects:

Retro Fandango
A regular podcast that I do with my pal, Richard. It is about life, movies, and busting chops.

Cartridge Club
I’m an active member of the Cartridge Club, a community of fun-loving nerds who get together to play a video game every month.

The Collectors Podcast
A podcast hosted by my buddy Bill on his STCPod youtube channel. As a regular contributor, I show and tell about interesting and new items in my movie and music collection.

The LeBrain Train

A mostly music-related podcast hosted by my buddy Mike. I’m usually on as a guest for “Top 5” list shows, but Mike has had on an incredible list of guests such as Andy Curran and Mike Fraser.


Shoot me an email at buriedonmars@gmail.com or follow me on the socials: