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Coney Hatch eluded me until a few years ago when deKe over at whatever he is calling his blog these days began giving their Live at the El Mocambo album a hard sell back in 2020. I ended up snagging my own copy, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

A year later I found their self-titled debut at Kops Records in Oshawa. It tickled me pink when I read on the back cover how it was recorded in the same town 39 years prior in 1982. Also, the Max Webster connections with Michael Tilka credited as an executive producer and Kim Mitchell himself mixing and producing was a neato bonus. The Canadian music scene is a small world, after all. Anyway, on with the breakdown…


Devil’s Deck – A+
A home run out of the gate, this song is a clear example of how Carl Dixon’s Lou Gramm-like vocals blend well with the band’s brand of AC/DC-ish 4/4 rock. I do wish the lyrics placed the femme fatal in the song a bit older than sixteen, but… 1982.

You Ain’t Got Me– A
I’m a fan of the Angus Young-like intro and natural guitar tone. I’m also a fan of track sequencing and the uplifting vibe of this song does make for a perfect second track.

Stand Up – A
The first song on the album with Andy Curran on lead vocals. They are not as strong as Dixon’s are for this genre, but his voice gives the band texture.

No Sleep Tonight – A+
Man, I can see Angus’ head bopping to this one. It has an early AC/DC vibe with only a bridge to set it apart.

Love Poison – A-
I like the riff and the rolling bass on this one. Good groove with an excellent guitar solo. The chorus could have used just a little bit of a punch in it.


We Got The Night – A++
How is this not the album opener?!?! The fast drum intro, the rocking riff! If you only listen to one Hatch song, make it this one.

Hey Operator – A+
The band leans heavily on their influence from Foreigner with some piano chords assisting the chorus. I like it better than anything Foreigner has ever done.

I’ll Do the Talkin – A-
I do find the chorus for this one to be a little grating but the rest, including the chunky riff is great.

Victim Of Rock – A-
If you played me an instrumental of this without any prior knowledge of what it is, I might mistake it for early Judas Priest.

Monkey Bars – A
A cynic might call this one a gimmick but I find it fun. An ‘Eek’cellent way to end this album.


This record plays like the greatest hits to me and it reminds me of the way an album from Cinderella would stand out from the rest of the pack in the late ’80s. At the time, Hatch’s late ’70s-ish sound might have sounded dated by 1982, but their natural AC/DC, early Judas Priest guitar tones have aged better than many of the Glam Rock/Hair Metal bands of the time. This is a real rock band with a grounded sound. Give it a spin!



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4 thoughts on “[Album Review] Coney Hatch | Coney Hatch

  1. Awesome review Sir! One of the best I have ever read in talking about this stellar debut. Great call on the Angus driven No Sleep Tonight and your right We Got The Night could be the album opener. I’ll have to ask Andy next time about that in regards to sequencing! I hope you come across the next couple of albums there as I would look forward to your words on them!
    Cheers pal…from the guy whose calling his blog whatever nowadays! lol….

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