[Album Review] Max Webster | Mutiny Up My Sleeve

Three albums into Max Webster's catalogue and we finally get to an album that I really, really like instead of love. Actually, Mutiny Up My Sleeve grew on me with its extreme highs this week, so I might enjoy this album even more in the future. As for right now, I do find it is … Continue reading [Album Review] Max Webster | Mutiny Up My Sleeve

[Album Review] Max Webster | High Class in Borrowed Shoes

I can see why many prog fans have fallen for High Class in Borrowed Shoes. This one has the genre taking up a good chunk of the album: High Class in Borrowed Shoes – hard rockDiamonds Diamonds – popGravity – progWords to Words – balladAmerica's Veins – prog/hard rock hybridOh, War! – progOn the Road … Continue reading [Album Review] Max Webster | High Class in Borrowed Shoes

[Album Review] Strippers Union | The Deuce

Thankfully, Strippers Union did not drop a deuce for The Deuce. No sophomore slump for these guys. Most of the band s back with the only move being Simon Kendall making an exit for Murry Atkinson on keys. Rob Baker and Craig Northey are again the primary songwriters for all but two of its 10 … Continue reading [Album Review] Strippers Union | The Deuce

[Album Review] Strippers Union | Stripper’s Union Local 518

When I bought Strippers Union's 3- The Undertaking from their website last year, they threw in their debut album Local 518 from 2005 for free! Well dang. It ain't often that I get free music around here! Don't worry though, my opinion of the album isn't tainted by the bribe. My enjoyment of it is … Continue reading [Album Review] Strippers Union | Stripper’s Union Local 518

[Album Review] The New Odds | Cheerleader

Odds went on hiatus after Craig Northey left the band in 1999 and it wasn't until 2007 that a comeback began to build. Steven Drake's (the band's 2nd singer/guitarist/songwriter) career as a music producer/ engineer had taken off so he remained the only holdout as OG members Northey, Doug Elliott, and Pat Steward, teamed with … Continue reading [Album Review] The New Odds | Cheerleader

[Album Review] Candi & The Backbeat | Candi

Canadians have exported many influential artists onto the music scene. Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell... but none have been bigger than Candi. Don't believe me? Well, you just haven't been paying attention and have not done your research as I have. It is no coincidence how within a year following the release of Candi … Continue reading [Album Review] Candi & The Backbeat | Candi

[Album Review] Northey Valenzuela

For Craig Northey's next project, he teamed up with Jesse Valenzuela from the... Gin Blossoms? Yeah, I had not thought about them in almost 30 years too. And, It is a good thing I looked them up before writing this because I had them confused with Goo Goo Dolls. For the record, Gin Blossoms are … Continue reading [Album Review] Northey Valenzuela