[Song Review] Odds | Crash Time Machine

A song review? Who ‘da heck reviews just one song? Well, when Craig Northey dusts off his old band to give you the first new Odds track in about 10 years, one does what one’s gotta do!

I found out about the release last night when Craig announced it on Twitter,

Today, I bought Crash Time Machine on Bandcamp and pre-ordered the album (With a shirt!) from their website. So, yeah, don’t expect any sort of objective review for me. Spin it for yourself right here instead:

I’m glad the lineup of Craig Northey, bassist/vocalist Doug Elliott, drummer Pat Steward, and guitarist/vocalist Murray Atkinson hasn’t changed from their extremely underrated set of EPs from 2013/14. I do want to review those, but I’m still missing one. There is only one copy available on Discogs for $35 with shipping! Geez. I see the band is putting more stuff on Bandcamp, so… I’ll nab a digital copy if they ever put it there.


Anyway… The song! It already sounds like a classic to me. Craig Northey writes my favourite lyrics and he only adds to the collection here. I took the song to be about re-writing history to fit an agenda. Looking at the past with rose-coloured glasses:

Rose colour washes over a memory
that does not exist, the napalm is mist
over strange fruit so I won’t see
Quiet murder and gentle rape
Carefully silenced to keep us safe


I like the hook, the Keith Moon-like drum fills, the harmonies, and everything else! Will it stop Canadian rock radio from playing It Falls Apart twice daily? No. Not with how the industry is today. It probably won’t even make a dent on the charts even though it really should. But, here the band is, making new music for me to listen to in 2023 even when the limelight has faded so far away. For that, I’m extra thankful.

An extremely biased: 5/5


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