Max the Axe

Indie Band from Kitchener, Ontario that “you gotta” check out!

[Album Review] Max The Axe | Status Electric

[Editor’s note: This review was originally published on Feb 15th, 2019 for] Full Disclosure:  I was gifted a copy of this album by the Mighty Mike Ladano as John over at 2Loud2OldMusic accurately dubbed: “Max The Axe’s PR guy”.  Also, Max The Axe’s lead singer…

[EP Review] Max the Axe | Oktoberfest Cheer

I can sum up Max the Axe’s latest EP, Oktoberfest Cheer in two words. Bitter Sweet. The best sound to ascend from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario is not completely over but it will not be the same going forward. Lead singer Eric “Uncle Meat” Litwiller announced on…