[Album Review] Craig Northey | Giddy Up

After Odds released what in my opinion is their best album Nest in 1996, they toured for almost the remainder of the decade until Craig Northey up and quit the band in '99. Thankfully, he continued to make music. Northey's 2001 debut solo album, Giddy Up is EP adjacent, with its 8 songs adding up … Continue reading [Album Review] Craig Northey | Giddy Up

[Album Review] Odds | Nest

Isn't it great when an album reintroduces itself into your life? Nest made that move last summer where I spent a good chunk of it in our garage. The roof on Sarah's car was having some serious issues with rust, and since she was working from home, it seemed like a good idea to take … Continue reading [Album Review] Odds | Nest

[Album Review] Odds | Good Weird Feeling

Odds third album, Good Weird Feeling, was a scorching hot release in 1995. Well, at least it was here in Canada. It spawn five singles, Truth Untold, Eat My Brain, Satisfied, Mercy To Go, and I Would Be Your Man. It earned the band three Juno Award nominations for Best Rock Album, Group of the Year, … Continue reading [Album Review] Odds | Good Weird Feeling

[Album Review] Odds | Bedbugs

Odds were on the upswing for their second album, Bedbugs. Not only did they get the Canadian comedy troupe The Kids In The Hall to be in the video for the album's first single, Heterosexual Man, but they also locked in THEE Warren Zevon as a fan. Warren was so impressed with their song Wendy … Continue reading [Album Review] Odds | Bedbugs

[Album Review] Odds | Neopolitan

For the majority of my life, I thought the name was "The Odds". But it is just "Odds". Fun fact. An even funner fact: I'm not a fan of Neopolitan ice cream or mixing flavours in general. The fewer the ingredients, the better. My past self has been a casual fan of The Odds. The … Continue reading [Album Review] Odds | Neopolitan

[Album Review] Colin James | Blue Highway

I really enjoyed Colin James' previous blues album, National Steel which came out way back in 1997. So, I'm a little embarrassed to admit how I completely slept on Blue Highways when it was released in October of 2016. I remember him promoting it on the slew of Canadian morning shows and whatnot, but the … Continue reading [Album Review] Colin James | Blue Highway

[EP Review] The Tragically Hip | Saskadelphia

A new Hip EP in 2021?!?!?!? Whaaaa????!!!!... said no one. We ALL knew the post-humous releases were going to be heading our way after The Tragically Hip's team captain Gord Downie passed away in 2017. Lost tapes will be found, unreleased live shows will be released, remixes and remasters will be remixed and remastered. So, … Continue reading [EP Review] The Tragically Hip | Saskadelphia

[Album Review] Strippers Union | 3 – The Undertaking

Strippers Union's 3 - The Undertaking was released early in 2021, right as I was diving into all of The Hip's albums, so I put them on the back burner. Yeah, not so fast. It was then pointed out to me how I needed to act quickly if I wanted a copy. This product will … Continue reading [Album Review] Strippers Union | 3 – The Undertaking

[Album Review] TUNS | Duly Noted

Released in late March of 2021, Duly Noted is TUNS' second full album and first new music since 2018. The band is labeled as a "Canadian indie rock supergroup" on their Wikipedia page, as it consists of Mike O'Neill of The Inbreds, Matt Murphy of The Super Friendz, and... Chris Murphy of Sloan. So, now you know how I got here. Putting my Sloan … Continue reading [Album Review] TUNS | Duly Noted

[Album Review] Coney Hatch | Live At the El Mocambo

This is the very first Coney Hatch album I have purchased. DeKe over at Thunder Bay Arena Rock got me hooked on them after he posted a few writeups. I gave their debut a stream, then their next two albums... before I knew it I was already into Andy Curran's solo work. It was all … Continue reading [Album Review] Coney Hatch | Live At the El Mocambo