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Canadians have exported many influential artists onto the music scene. Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell… but none have been bigger than Candi. Don’t believe me? Well, you just haven’t been paying attention and have not done your research as I have.

It is no coincidence how within a year following the release of Candi & The Backbeat’s debut album in 1988 (simply titled Candi), Taylor Swift is born, Stephen Hawking publishes A Brief History Of Time, and the Berlin Wall falls. As Einstein once said: “Correlation implies causation” and we all know how science is best when used as a device to support one’s belief.


Need more evidence? I have video proof. Nicolae Ceauşescu’s communist regime began its rule of Romania in 1965. It ended the day he allowed his less than glowing opinion of Candi’s Missing You slip during his final speech on December 21st, 1989:

Nicolae Ceauşescu’s last speech.

Ceauşescu’s government was overthrown on the 22nd. He and his wife were executed on December 25th. True story. Look it up.

I also have mathematical evidence that Candi was in direct contact with God when she wrote these songs. That’s right. This album is the product of divine inspiration. Candi is spelled with 5 letters, C-A-N-D-I. So is Jesus, J-E-S-U-S. Combine the two and you get 10. That is the EXACT amount of letters needed to spell… John Lennon. 5+5=10. It is math. Also, Candi+Jesus+God=13. Since 13 is a devil’s number, we need to add 1. 14 is the EXACT amount of letters you need to spell Paul McCartney. Math. You can’t make this stuff up.


If you are wondering why you haven’t heard of Candi before, well you can thank the bias of the liberal media. The left-wing lackeys who work for elite news organizations spend much of their time harping on honest blogs like this one to crack down on so-called “disinformation”. Truth is, they turn a blind eye to the influence of Candi’s debut album on a regular basis because its success is far from flattering to their liberal allies like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. But you can’t say that.

Take a look at this graph which shows the amount of coverage these lame-stream media outlets have dedicated to Candi compared to CanadianGrooves:

Coverage of Candi: Canadian Grooves vs news organizations run by liberal elites.

In spite of the liberal media’s attempt to keep our population ignorant, Candi & The Backbeat’s debut album has been listened to by many real Canadians who value the truth. Any one of them will tell you that it was indeed the greatest musical earthquake since Don Messer’s Jubilee first aired on CBC television in 1959. And, I’m sure I will agree once I listen to the album myself.



OK, I am just being silly for April 1st. Serious talk now, I’m not recommending my hard-rock friends to seek this album out, but I actually did listen to it once this week. I have to say, out of all the pop-tart albums to come out during this time, I found Candi to be pretty good for what it is. I mean, I listened to the whole thing, which I wasn’t planning on doing. The following video has Candi talking about hearing her song on the radio for the first time. Love the Canadian accent, the down-to-earth perspective, and how proud she is of her accomplishments. And she darn well should be. I hope no offense is taken!

Peace and Love!


15 thoughts on “[Album Review] Candi & The Backbeat | Candi

  1. I recall seeing this in adds at the time. You almost had me there with this silliness man. lol Reading this stuff this early can play tricks on my mind and it almost worked.

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  2. Lol numerology. Also, I remember that song, and the video reminds me of a time when everything seemed simple for me because it was. In school, no real responsibilities. Even though I wouldn’t have listened to this at the time (hello, Harry Connick, Jr) I’m sure I heard it enough when I went places.

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      1. Wow! We got “the guy with AIDS” and “Ever wonder what a bag of crack looks like?” talk with the police and a body bag manufacturer! 😳

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